Workshop on Widening & Re strengthening of Existing Road

Workshop on Widening & Re strengthening of Existing Road

Department of Civil Engineering organized an On-Site workshop on Widening & Re strengthening of Existing Road, near Karnakhedi. Mr Rabi Kumar Tiwari, Who is team leader of ATLPCL, Mandsaur and having excellent knowledge of Field work was the speaker of this work shop. This workshop was intended specially for B.Tech and Diploma III year students. 22 students have attended the workshop. Expertise shared their work experience to the students and motivated them. The content of this workshop was :

  • Curves: Types and Identification.
  • Extra widening: Significance and Provisions.
  • Crust Material Suitability : Provisions and selection of Appropriate material
  • Bituminous Mixes: Uses and IRC recommendation.
  • Interfacial Treatment: Seal Coat.
  • Geometrical Design: Super Elevation, Camber, IRC Recommendation.
  • Compaction Techniques.
  • Machinery used in Road Construction.

Department acknowledge the work of our management for allowing us to conduct this workshop.

Outcomes :

  • Students learned basic principle of Road Construction.
  • Students learned the advance method for Traffic Volume Computations.
  • Students learned the methods of providing camber, Super elevation and Extra Widening to the Pavement and their significance.
  • Various IRC Recommendations for design of various layers of Flexible Pavement.
  • They learned the concept of BM, GBB, OGPC, WBM and WMM.