Department of Journalism and Mass communication had organized a webinar on “Opportunities and Challenges in Tv Journalism”

Department: Journalism and Mass Communication


Students, Research Scholars, Academicians and others.

Activity: Webinar
Date and Duration: 6th November 2020 (One Day)
Title:Opportunities and challenges in TV Journalism

Resource person/ agency and affiliation:

Mr. Prakaram Singh Shekhawat, Senior News Anchor, Lok Sabha TV, New Delhi

Brief description / remarks:

Mass Media has a global availability and it has converted the whole world in to a global village. A qualified journalism professional can take up a job of educating, entertaining, informing, persuading, interpreting, and guiding. Working in Electronic media offers the opportunities to be a news anchor, news reporter, news editor, program host, interviewer, cameraman, producer, director, etc. To give the shape to our journalism student, to rectify their mistake Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Mandsaur University had organized webinar on “Opportunities and challenges in TV Journalism” and to share his expertise Lok Sabha TV Senior Anchor Mr. Prakaram Singh Shekhawat was the guest speaker. Mr. Arun Jaiswal address the webinar. HOD Dr. Manish Jaisal welcome the guest. While speaking in the webinar Mr. Shekhawat said if you are aiming to take your career in TV journalism then you need to update with news, trending news items. As due to technology so many challenges have arisen but on the other hand opportunities have also come on your way. Being a journalist, you shouldn’t forget your ethics. While presenting a news item you should be very patient to listen others and present your question in a manner that it shouldn’t sound inappropriate. Now a days so many channels and journalist are working just to gain the TRP they are not focusing on the content its worthiness. He was actively answering the question of the participants.  Vote of thanks given by Asst. professor Sonali Singh.


The program was organized to inform the students of Journalism who are going to start their career in TV Journalism. What are the challenges can come on their way and how to deal with it in a proper manner. Being a journalist, you cannot biased be.

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A total of 390+ participants have registered for the program

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Ms. Sonali Singh (Assistant professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)

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Dr. Manish Jaisal (HOD & Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)