Department of Agriculture Conducted a Virtual Orientation Programme entitled “EXPERENTIAL LEARNING PROGRAMME”

Department: Department of Agriculture
Activity: Virtual orientation about ELP and its modules
Date and Duration: 18 January 2021,  (11:00 AM – 12:00 PM )
Title:  ELP Orientation VIII semester
Resource person/agency and affiliation: Dr. R.A. Sharma (Director Agriculture.)


Brief description/remarks:   Today, A virtual orientation programme entitled “Experiment Learning” was conducted in the Department of Agriculture for VIII semester students. Mr. Prashant Sinoriya welcomed all the faculty members & students.  He gave a brief introduction about the ELP program, inspired & congratulated every student for their better work in the last semester. After that Mr. Pankaj Dunge elaborated the ELP programme and modules & also discussed other related details. The ELP orientation has been successfully conducted.



Outcome:- All the students were very happy for enrolling in next semester. Many students raised questions related to ELP and discussed it. Students are very happy because they are getting each and every information and guidance related to their education and for their career timely.

No. of participants: 56

Prepared by:   Mr. Prashant Sinoriya

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI):  Dr. R.A. Sharma