Varchasva -2017

Varchasva -2017

Varchasva -2017 is a presentation series held at different interval of time on different topics in department of business management and Commerce. The presentation on different theme and topics are provided to the student prior for the preparation of presentation. Through this event student can remove the fear of public speaking, improve the presentation skill and also enhance the knowledge through presenting and listening the presentation. Varchasva -2017 builds student confidence, participation, enthusiasm to shape up there personality.

The first phase of Varchasva -2017 is organized for 1st year undergraduate students in which the total no. of teams is 16 from BBA & B.Com 1st Sem. This time the student has given the presentation on topic related economics and banking. Through this presentation student get the awareness about the basic terminologies and terms related to banking and economics.

Event Detail:-

S.No. Team Members Topic
1. Ritik and Qutub Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate
2. Aditi and Fatema SEBI
3. Anuj and Shubham Ways to eradicate poverty
4. Chirag and Akshat Inflation
5. Fatema and Krati Deflation
6. Mahin and Sakshi Banking Hierarchy
7. Murtaza and Yash SLR
8. Nikhil and Wasim CRR
9. Pallavi and Chenika Loan
10. Shehnaz and Shruti Fiscal Policy
11. Suman and Rukaiya GST
12. Pranjal and Kriti Literacy rate, poverty rate, birth rate
13. Murtaza and Shubham Mutual funds
14. Rajveer Singh Sisodiya Deposits
15. Shweta Kumawat Job of Finance Minister
16. Vishnu and Ravi Micro and Macro economics

The event held at NBS-01 department of business management and commerce on 7th novemeber 2017 from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00p.m.