The Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce has organized a two day’s departmental conference on “Tools and Techniques of Consumer Behaviour”


Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce


1st  year(BBA & BCOM)


Academic Activity – Two Day’s Departmental Conference

Date and Duration:

18th to 20th February 2021 (02:15 pm to 04:15 pm)


Two Day’s Departmental Conference on “Tools and Techniques of Consumer Behavior Analysis”

Brief description / remarks:

Department of Business Management and Commerce organized a Two Day’s Departmental Conference on “Tools and Techniques of Consumer Behavior Analysis” during 18th to 20th February 2021, which was coordinated by Dr. Gopal Kirshan Rathor.

The key purpose behind this session was to make the students motivated for speaking in conference as well as aware about the terminology of consumer behaviors, types and factors affecting consumer behavior, types of goods, budget line, meaning and concepts of utility and indifference curve etc. Session started at 02:15 pm in NBS-01 Mandsaur University chaired by Prof. MukeshSharam (Dean, DBMC), AvinashVikram (HOD, DBMC), Dr. Gopal K Rathore (Convener & Coordinator), Dr. Azhar Ahmad Sheikh. Prior to the commencement of the session Prof. Mukesh Sharma expressed his views on Importance of economics to students and motivate students towards such sessions followed by that Prof. AvinashVikram and Dr. Azhar Ahmed Sheikh discussed about confidence building and the steps towards overcome the stage-fear. Session was ended after healthy discussion on various aspects which are affect the buying behaviors of consumers and developed different view towards the tools and technique used to identify the consumers buying behaviors. All the faculty members of department were present during the session.

Outcome :

• Students gained the knowledge about basic economic terminology such as Marginal utility, budget line, indifference curve, normal-inferior-superior and Geffen goods.
• Students gained, how to motivate themselves for the presentation, how to overcome the problems like stage-fears and how to manage and organize a conference.

No. of participants: 75 (BBA-59& BCOM-16)

Prepared by :

Dr. Laxmidhar Panda (Assistant Professor, DBMC)

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Prof. Avinash Vikram