The Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce conducted a webinar on “Basics of Banking and Career Opportunities”


Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce


12th students


Online Banking Webinar

Date and Duration:

03-07-2021, duration  1.30 Hour


Online Webinar on “ Basics of Banking & Career Opportunities”

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Dr. Mukesh Sharma (Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce)

Brief description / remarks:

Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce organized an online webinar on “Basics of Banking and Career Opportunities”. The webinar was designed for 12th standard students in which fundamental knowledge about the basic banking and Indian banking scenario was delivered including career opportunities. The webinar was started at 11.00 AM by welcoming of all participants.  Dr. Aswathy Menon (Asst. Prof., DBAC) elaborated the objective of online workshop. The session was taken by Dr. Mukesh Sharma. Dr. Sharma explained the whole journey of Indian banking in three phases i.e. banking prior to independence, independence to 1991(era of LPG) and 1991 to till date. In his presentation banking after mergers and scope in banking sectors after COVID-19 was also included.  At the end of session Prof. AvinashVikram delivered a short presentation on departmental activities. The webinar was conducted on Google meet app.

Outcome :

• The webinar will assist the students in understanding the basic banking concepts& current banking scenario of India.
• It will persuade the students towards banking career.
• Feedback of students after the webinar was overwhelming in various forms-chats, feedback form, whatsapp etc.
• The result of feedback revealed that students are much interested in upcoming activities like this.

No. of participants: 56 students

Prepared by :

Dr. Mukesh Sharma

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Prof. AvinashVikram