The Department of Tourism & Hospitality has organized an Industrial cum Educational Trip to Rajasthan

DEPARTMENT: Tourism and Hospitality



ACTIVITY: Industrial cum Educational Trip
DATE & DURATION:12th& 13th February 2021
TITLE: Industrial cum Educational Trip to Hotel Haveli Gokul Niwas Palace
RESOURCE PERSON: Mr. Ravindra Singh Jhala, Spanish Guide & Escort, North India Licensee.


A one-night & two-day trip was organised by the Department of Tourism & Hospitality for Haveli Gokul  Niwas Palace, Talawada (Chittaurgarh)  was organised for students by the Department of Tourism & Hospitality. This trip included the students of first semester of the Tourism & Hospitality Department. The group travelled under the supervision of Divyajit Kumar who accompanied the students on the trip.

The trip started from the college itself. It took approx. 3 hours 30 minutes to reach the destination. The hotel was a small family run heritage hotel. The hotel was built in the form of a mini palace. The students were given a warm traditional welcome on arrival. They were given a traditional wrist band and a tikka while entering. They were given refreshing welcome drink while the owner of the resort, Mr. Ravindra Singh Jhala explained the students about the importance of heritage and rural tourism in India. He explained how he is promoting rural tourism for international tourists.  He explained about various activities that are included in the rural tourism. After that the students went to their allotted rooms. After freshening up, the students were taken for a wildlife safari to the Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is famous for various types of flora and fauna. They have a number of endangered species of plants and animals. The trip was guided by Mr. Jhala himself. He took the students throughout the sanctuary and explained the students about various types of trees and plants. Wild Kingfisher, wild chicken, wild boar, neelgai and deers etc. The sanctuary was filled with a number of water streams also. The students took a trekking for around 1.5kms to reach th Sita Mata temple situated on the hilltop and back.

After returning back to the hotel, the students freshened up and had a lavish dinner that was cooked by the family members itself. It was a delicious home cooked meal for all. After that the students enjoyed the bonfire for some time.

The nest day after breakfast, the students were taken to a village walk where the students were taken to an opium farm. Mr. Jhala explained the whole cultivation process to the students. After that he took the students to his own farm where he had planted may plants and trees of ayurvedic importance and flowers also. We returned to the hotel after that. After finishing up the final formalities, we left the resort at around 11:30 am. It took us around 3 hours to reach back at the university.

This was the first overnight trip for the students of the first semester. Being students of tourism & hospitality, it is important for them to visit and know about the tourist spots. It was a trip which also helped in developing mutual cooperation and coordination among the student.

No. of participants: 12 students

Report Prepared by: Mr. Divyajit Kumar

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Lokeshver Singh Jodhana