Technical Quiz

Technical Quiz

Department of Computer Science & Engineering organized a Technical Quiz for the students of CSE 2nd year. Technical Quiz are used by employers to measure work-related cognitive capacity. It is one of the most commonly used assessments in measuring candidates’ suitability for a role.

The Quiz covers topics from the programming language C and data base management system. There were 20 questions given in the quiz. The Quiz contains questions related to Loops, Array, Pointer, Conditional Statements, DBMS-triggering, Keys, DDL, DML, DCL, TCL etc.

There were 33 students participated in the Test.

Toppers are :

  1. First Position : Ms. Hastina Rawal , CSE IV semester.
  2. Second Position : Mr. Nayan Mogra , CSE IV semester.

The activity was coordinated by Mr. Amit Dangi, Assistant Professor CSE.