Software Engineering Lab

Software Engineering Lab

This Lab aims at providing active practical and learning experiences to the students. The main vision of this lab is to expertise students in their Project works by providing practical experiments.


This lab attempts to provide basic concepts to the students on a wide range of topics including Requirements analysis, ER modeling, identification of domain classes, use-case diagrams, designing a test suite. Ample illustrations and simulations are used to reinforce one’s understanding. Once concepts are clear, a set of exercises given on the concerned topics would help the students to evaluate themselves and their progress of learning. This lab is well established and fully-equipped with all new technologies for the development of software packages. This lab offers round the clock with high-speed internet connectivity and a well structured LAN connectivity. This lab focuses on the state of art technologies like software testing, software development and all other programming techniques.


Processor Memory Connectivity Total Number of Systems
Intel core2 duo 1GB RAM,160 GB HDD LAN 35