Scholarships & Aid


The term “Scholarship” can have many meanings. At its most basic meaning, a scholarship is money for college that you will not be expected to repay. Scholarships are offered by colleges, the government, some private organizations and individual charities. It is a better  to apply for multiple scholarships at the same time and increase the chances of wining one. The Ministry offers National as well as External Scholarships to the needy students.

Scholarships to students on various parameters are:

Scholarships Details Further Details
MU Scholarship Mandsaur University offers the unique opportunity to acquire an excellent, multi-disciplinary education at a lower cost by offering our students access to scholarships. (Engineering Student Only)
National Scholarship Run by Central Government National Scholarship Portal
Ministry Of Electronics & Information Technology,
Government of India
State Scholarship Run by the Dept. of Higher Education,
M.P. Govt. Given to OBC, SC & ST students.
NHFDC Run by National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC)