Tifaccore in green Pharmacy:TIFAC (Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council, Dept of Science & Technology, GOI) under its Mission REACH (Relevance & Excellence in Achieving new heights in educational institutions) of Technology Vision 2020 has established a CORE (Center of Relevance & Excellence) in BRNSS institution. TIFAC-CORE in Green Pharmacy: Recognizing the need for quality manpower and therefore, quality higher education for transformation of the country from a developing one to a developed one, a mission embedded in Technology Vision 2020 was launched by Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council (TIFAC) on October 4, 2000. First ever concerted effort in the area of higher education, the Mission REACH (Relevance & Excellence in achieving new heights in educational institutions), has endeavored to put in place, a structured mechanism that can produce world-class manpower of high relevance to Indian industries/ organizations. The Mission aims to create a constellation of world-class Centers targeting excellence in areas of relevance to Indian industries and in turn, the society. Our one of the institute has been approved by the Mission as a Centre of Relevance and Excellence (CORE) and the COREs created by Mission are luminous examples of real working industry-academia linkage, a concept which the country has been thirsting for.

SIRO recognition:  First Pharmacy Institution in the entire Central India to having been accorded with the status of SIRO (Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) by the Department of Scientific and Industrial, Ministry of Science & Technology, GOI. For its Technopreneurship program, which as aimed at commercialization of innovative ideas under Dept of Scientific & Industrial Research, GOI. This recognition has basically come because of the research and industry collaboration initiatives taken-up by the institution.