Brief of the department
Pharmaceutics is a branch of pharmacy field that carries the impression of pharmacy profession. In general it encompasses the areas that involve designing, formulation and presenting a therapeutically useful chemical entity in a most appropriate drug delivery system such as tablets, capsules, syrups, etc. The comprehensive study of this subject necessitates integration of physical, chemical and biological principles, as applicable to all the components of drug delivery systems. In the present scenario, the discovery of various drug entities has enabled the development of new drug delivery system, advanced production processes and the latest machinery for manufacture of superior quality products. This subject along with its related subjects is well distributed in the B. Pharm. Curriculum, which is shown below.


Pharmaceutics department has laboratories namely :

  • Pharmaceutics Lab 1 (Basic Lab)
  • Pharmaceutical Lab 2 (Dosage form Development Lab)
  • Pharmaceutics Lab 3 (Advanced Instrumental Lab)

All the laboratories having good ventilation and lighting facilities along with continuous water supply. The laboratories are designed efficiently for proper storage of chemicals and glassware. These laboratories are well equipped with the latest instruments, and appliances, which are listed below.

In order to achieve the mission and vision of the Department of pharmaceutics, the following objectives obtain priority in the departmental activities:

  • Equipping the students with the best of pharmacy, clinical, scientific, professional and managerial knowledge and skills, so they can be relevant in meeting pharmacy-related, scientific, social and other health-related needs as well as possess sufficient adaptability in a dynamic world.
  • Upgradation of departmental teaching skills by motivating faculty members to attend QIP, SDP and utilization of advanced and modern teaching tools and techniques in techniques.
  • Establishment of creative and nurturing academic environment which encourage faculty members to perform state of the research and pharmaceutical training.
  • Encouraging the interaction among the Departments members, Faculty of Pharmacy members, members of other Faculties, other universities pharmacy faculty members, pharmaceutical industry members, regulatory agencies members, participating in scientific seminars, meetings, scientific days, workshops and conferences on topics related to pharmaceutical products in a way that addresses the needs of the attendants and participants.
  • Conducting independent and collaborative research in areas related to the development of pharmaceutical products.
  • Actively pursuing extramural funding to help in the advancement of pharmaceutical research and education
  • Providing services to the industry and the community by participating in sponsored research projects, consultation or development of new technologies aimed at addressing the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and the community.

Research & teaching
As our department mainly deals with the academic teaching hence our emphasis is mainly on the research areas which are related with UG curriculum like, Novel drug delivery system, advanced pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical engineering, etc.

Broad research area

  • Oral Drug Delivery System
  • Controlled Release Drug Delivery System
  • Intranasal Drug Delivery System
  • Transdermal Drug Delivery System
  • Solubility Enhancement
  • Drug Regulatory Affairs
  • Pharmaceutical Management
  • Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
  • Social and Community Pharmacy