PEO 1 To produce pharmacy graduates with strong fundamental concepts and high technical competence in pharmaceutical sciences and technology, who shall be able to use these tools in pharmaceutical industry and institutes where ever necessary for success.
PEO 2 To provide students with a strong and well defined concepts in the various fields of Pharmacy i.e., Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacology & toxicology, Pharmacy practice and Pharmacognosy according to the requirement of Pharmaceutical industries, Community / Hospital Pharmacy and Society.
PEO 3 To promote the development of trained human resource in Pharmaceutical Sciences for dissemination of quality education with highly professional and ethical attitude, strong communication skills, effective skills to work in a team with a multidisciplinary approach.
PEO 4 To develop overall personality and character with team spirit, professionalism, integrity and moral values with the support of social pharmacy and health sciences.
PO1 Ability to acquire knowledge of fundamentals of health principals and their applications in the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology.
PO2 Identify, formulate, research literature, and   analyze   complex health problems reaching substantiated conclusions using principles of natural, herbal and allopathic science.
PO3 Develop an ability to use lab equipment and different kinds of simulation software with in depth knowledge to design synthetic and analytical processes to perform experiments on synthesis, design, pharmaceutical analysis, and pharmacological evaluation and formulation problems.
PO4 Use research-based knowledge and research    methods including   design    of   experiments,   analysis   and   interpretation of   data,   and   synthesis   of   the    information   to   provide   valid   conclusions.
PO5 An understanding of professional, societal and legal responsibility related to Pharmaceutical Industry & pharmacy practice.
PO6 An understanding of the impact of pharmacy profession in environment & societal context and demonstrate the need for sustainability.
PO7 Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary environment.
PO8 Communicate  effectively  on   complex  pharmaceutical activities with  the  health community and  with  the   society  at  large,  such  as,  being    able    to    competence  and    write    effective    reports    and    design documentation, make   effective   presentations, and   give   and   receive   clear   instructions, to treat any health or pharmaceutics complex.
PSO1 Understanding of basic principles of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy for drug discovery and formulation development.
PSO2 Understanding of the formulation parameters in manufacturing of a dosage form, storage, packaging and dispensing of dosage forms.
PSO3 Understanding of basics principles for drug analysis through conventional methods and modern sophisticated instruments.
PSO4 Understanding of drug chemistry and its structure for synthesis of drug and drug designing using modern software.
PSO5 Understanding of crude drug, it identification, extraction and purification for its medicinal value.
PSO6 Understanding of pharmacological action of drugs and their evaluation for their therapeutic effectiveness.
PSO7 Understanding of documentation, quality control and quality assurance of all the processes and pharmaceutical formulations.
PSO8 Understanding of biostatics, novel drug delivery systems, molecular modeling, pharmcovigillence, Pharma management etc as per the need of industry and future prospects.
PSO9 Perform research on various medical aspects and implement the Pharmaceutical knowledge in formulating the best suitable dosage form to provide high quality medicines to the society.
PSO10 Render the services to the public by providing patient centric effective treatments to curb the therapeutic issues with the required medicines and explain the effects of the drugs by analyzing the scientific literature for improving their health and well-being
Drug Inspector
Drug Production Chemist
Quality Control Officer
Quality Assurance Officer
Bio-Technology Industries
Drug Therapist
Hospital Drug Coordinator
Health Inspector
Making Prescription to Patients
Research & Development
Research Officer
Chemical/Drug Technician