In order to provide quality education the department has following objectives:

PEO1. Help students to practice computer science in a broad range of industries.

PEO2. To provide student with an academic environment that fosters excellence, transparency, leadership and promote awareness of life-long learning.

PEO3: To prepare students to succeed in employment/profession or to pursue postgraduate & research education in Computer Science and Computer Application discipline.

PEO4: To equip with skills for solving complex real-world problems.

PEO5: Graduates will make valid judgment, synthesize information from a range of sources and        communicate them in sound ways in order to find an economically viable solution.

PEO6: To develop overall personality and character with team spirit, professionalism, integrity, and moral values with the support of humanities, social sciences and physical educational courses.

PEO7: To equip the students to meet the requirement of Corporate world and Industry standard.

PEO8:   To engage in professional development and to pursue post graduate education in the fields of Information Technology and Computer Applications

PEO9: To provide the students about computing principles and business practices in software solutions, outsourcing services, public and private sectors


PO1: Understand the concepts of key areas in computer science.

PO2: Analyze and apply latest technologies to solve problems in the areas of computer applications.

PO3: Analyze and synthesis computing systems through quantitative and qualitative techniques

PO4: Apply technical and professional skills to excel in business.

PO5: Communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.

PO6: Develop practical skills to provide solutions to industry, society and business.

PO7: BCA course strives to create outstanding computer professionals with ethical and human values to reshape the nation’s destiny. This program aims to prepare young minds for the challenging opportunities in the IT industry, nourished and supported by experts in the fields.

PO8: The BCA Course aims at inculcating essential skills as demanded by the global software industry through interactive learning process. This also includes team-building skills, audio- visual presentations and personality development programs.

PO9:  The program enhances analytical, managerial and communication skill besides inculcating the virtues of self-study. The Curriculum has been designed to cater to the ever changing demands of information technology along with necessary inputs from the Industry.

PO10: The OBJECTIVE of the course is to develop skilled manpower in the various areas of software industry and Information Technology

PO11: To enable students for pursuing respectable career through Self- Employment, Executive Employment, Entrepreneurship, Professional Career in the field of service sectors such as e-Banking, Marketing, Investment, Insurance hospitality and other avenues.

PO12: To develop inter-twining competence in the field of Commerce and Management, Computing Skill and Computational tools.

PO13: To develop abilities for data analysis and interpretation Using ICT.

PO14: To develop the basic programming skills to enable students to build Utility programs.

PO15: To develop the foundation for higher studies in the field of Computer Application.

PO16: To provide specialization in Management with technical, professional and communications skill

PO17: To train future industry professionals.

PO18: To impart comprehensive knowledge with equal emphasis on theory and practice.

PO19: To keep the students up-to-speed on all the latest and cutting edge technologies.


BCA programme has been designed to prepare graduates for attaining the following specific outcomes:

  • An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, computer science and management in practice.
  • An ability to enhance not only comprehensive understanding of the theory but its application too in diverse field.
  • The program prepares the young professional for a range of computer applications, computer organization, techniques of computer networking, software engineering-Commerce, Web Designing, Big Data, IOT, Python and Advance JAVA.
  • An ability to design a computing system to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as safety, security and applicability in multidisciplinary teams with positive attitude.
  • An ability to communicate effectively.
  • In order to enhance programming skills of the young IT professionals, the program has introduced the concept of project development in each language/technology learnt during semester.
  • Students will able to understand, analyze and develop computer programs in the areas related to algorithm, system software, web design and networking for efficient design of computer based system.
  • Apply standard software engineering practices and strategies in software project development using open source programming environment to deliver a quality of product for business success.
  • Student will able to know various issues, latest trends in technology development and thereby innovate new ideas and solutions to existing problems.