The Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce had organized an activity entitled ” Khushi – Moment of Joy”


Faculty of Business Management and Commerce


All Students


Extra Curricular Activity – Departmental Event

Date and Duration:

28th June 2021 (Morning: 11:00 am to 01:00 pm)


KHUSI: Moment of Joy”


Brief description / remarks:

Department of Business Management and Commerce organized one day cultural event “KHUSI: Moment of Joy” on 28th June 2021, which was coordinated by Prof. Shivani Somani.

The key purpose behind this event was to motivate the student towards their inner talent beyond the classroom education. The event included a list of activities such as Poetry, Photography, Short-video, Poster, Standup-comedy and Mimicry which was organized through virtual platform.

The inaugural session was started at 11:00 am chaired by Prof. Mukesh Sharma (Dean, DBMC), Avinash Vikram (HOD, DBMC) and the presence of all the faculty members. The   welcome speech was given by Prof. Shivani Somani followed by the technical session under the supervision of two distinct judges Dr. Gopal K. Rathore and Dr. Azhar Ahmad Sheikh. Around 32 participants showcased their talents through photography, poetry, poster and short-video. At the end of the valedictory session which started at 12:40 pm by Prof. Shivani Somany declared the results of each event which was supervised by our two judges Dr. Gopal K Rathore and Dr. Azhar Ahmad Sheikh respectively who congratulated the participants with their inspirational speech.  The session was concluded with a vote of thanks given by Dr. Laxmidhar Panda.  All the departmental faculty members congratulated the students for their performance in this beautiful event.

Winner Details:

Poetry: Roopshikha Sharma (MBA) – Ist, Avisha Jain (BBA) – II nd

Photography: Aman Jajpuriya & Aditi (BBA) – Ist, Anjali Patidar (B.Com) – IInd

Short Video: Pallavi & Yashica (BBA & B.Com) – Ist, Lekhraj Singh (MBA) – IInd

Poster: Sneha Garg (BBA) – Ist, Krati Jajpuriya (B.Com) & Nilasha Hemnani (MBA) – IInd

Outcome :
• The student enjoyed the program during the whole session and gained valuable comments from the judges which improved their self confidence and motivated them to perform better.
• The event showcased their inner talent apart from their academic activities which will help them to choose their area of interest in the upcoming events.

No. of participants: 33 (BBA-19, BCOM-9, MBA-4), Attendees: 75

Prepared by :

Dr. Laxmidhar Panda (Assistant Professor, DBMC)

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Prof. Avinash Vikram