Department of Journalism and Mass Communication organized an Online Workshop on “Identifying and Debunking Medical Misinformation”


Journalism and Mass Communication, Mandsaur University


Students, Research Scholars, Academicians and others.

Activity: Online Workshop
Date and Duration:09/10/2020 (One Day)
Title: Online Workshop on‘Identifying and Debunking Medical Misinformation’ 


Resource person/ agency and affiliation:

Dr. Aditya Shukla
Dr. Aditya Shukla is a certified fact & Fit trainer from Health Fact Checking India Training Network. Data Leads, apart from this he is also an Assistant Professor in IMS Unison University, Dehradun Uttarakhand.

Brief description / remarks:

We are all overwhelmed with the rise of fake news, misleading sources, satirical content, and click bait and alternative facts.
Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, Mandsaur University has Organized a day Online Workshop on Identifying and Debunking Medical Misinformation” on date 9th of October 2020. In the workshop Dr. Aditya Shukla was there with us toshare his expertise skills. Dr. Aditya is a certified Fact & Fit trainer, from Health Fact Checking India Training Network, Data Leadsand also, he is Assistant professor in School of Mass Communication in IMS Unison University, Dehradun Uttarakhand. As everyone is aware of the spread of novel coronavirus, which has caused thousands of lives and amid this pandemic, a lot rumors and fake news regarding the vaccine is too occurring.The main agenda of the workshop was to aware and inform people about fact & Fit initiative, Health Misinformation, image verification, source verification, video verification and Interpreting medical research. Dr Aditya had talked about the use of internet has expanded greatly and due to this a lot of fake news, wrong information is too spreading which has led to someone’s health affect. He mentioned that fake news is not just making people believe false things but its also making them less likely to accept truthful information. He said never rely on any such medical health misinformation whose credibility or source is not so genuine go to the websites like WHO, CDC, FDA, MoHFW, ICMR New Delhi for truthful information.He also said Fact & fit is having a collaboration with Data Leads in partnership with BOOM, supported by google news to combat medical misinformation in India. He gave an example of news i.e consuming alcohol can provide protection against COVID-19 which is fabricated content there is no any such truth in it.

The session was streamed on Google meet. More than 200+ participants participated in the workshop from different Universities. As it was open for all and there was no any age bar so people from different age group have shown their participation also. At the start of the session Head of The Department Dr. Manish Jaisal introduced and welcome the guest Dr. Aditya Shukla and our 3rd year student Kapil Sharma helped in the technical support.

In the last part of the session, some of the participants asked questions to Dr. Aditya Shukla, and he has given answers with examples. The session was of 3 hrs. it was helpful for all the participants who were the part of workshop.


Interactive Session with such experts who is doing excellent in their field always benefits our students and the participants too. Students and participants who are using internet or spend their most of the time on internet must know the Do’s and Don’ts before relying on any such news or information just verify, verify and verify.

Main Outcome of this Session is: –

1) Participants learned about the difference of fake and real news.

2) Got the valid and authentic sites for the information to believe.

3) Before relying in any information just verify 2 to 3 times.

4) spreading any such information specially in WhatsApp have a cross check.

No. of Participants: 200+