Department of Business Administration and Commerce has organized an online session on “Pocket Money Management”


Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce

Target Participants:

Faculty Membersand Students


Online Session

Date and Duration:

November 5, 2020, 1:15 hours


“Pocket Money Management”

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Dr. Kapil Shrimal, Certified Trainer, National Stock Exchange (NSE) India.

Brief description / remarks:

Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce organizedan online session on “Pocket Money Management” in association with National Stock Exchange (NSE) India. Thesession was intended to create awareness among the students regarding the savings and various investment avenues. The session was started at 11:30 am by welcoming of all participants. Welcome address and brief overview regarding the session was given by Dr. Mukesh Sharma (Convener of the session). Dr. Sharma also emphasized the importance of such kind of sessions for the students.
Resource person of the session Dr. Kapil Shrimalfamiliarized the participants with the term savings and investments in a very simple manner with real life examples. He explained theparticipants why money management is so important at their stage of life and how it will play a pivot role later on in their lives. He said money must be placed in circulation rather than putting at one place i.e. piggy bank. He further emphasized on the investment plans and how students can make their short-term and long-term investment plans. Plans must be ‘SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bounded. He also explained the various available investment avenues (bank deposits, commodities, real estate, stock market and mutual funds) and risk associated with them. The session was interactive in nature where participants asked various questions and resource person answered all the queries with relevant examples. At last Prof. Avinash Vikram (Coordinator of the session) presented a vote of thanks. Ms. Mansi Mehta (Student B.Com. III Semester) commere the session.

The session was attended by 110 participants including faculty members. The session was conducted through Google Meet.


Outcome :

• The session was helpful for the young students, which will pave the path for them for right savings and investment decisions.
• It will persuade the students towards the financial planning.

No. of participants: 110

Prepared by:

Dr. Azhar A. Sheikh

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Prof. Avinash Vikram