Online Guest Lecture on Future Prospects in Film and Theatre Industry

Online Guest Lecture on Future Prospects in Film and Theatre Industry

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Mr. Ranjit Kapoor, Indian film Actor /Director / Lyricist, who has worked predominantly in Bollywood 

On Monday, 18th May of 2020, The Department Of Journalism & Mass Communication of Mandsaur University organized an online guest lecture on future prospects on film and theatre industry, with a renowned Indian writer, Film director, actor, and lyrist Mr. Ranjit Kapoor. Mr. Ranjit Kapoor is very popular and recognized for his outstanding work in the Hindi film industry, he directed many Movies like Mangal Pandey – The Rising, The legend of Bhagat Sing, Lajja, KabhihaanKabhiNaa, etc. With some of the most Amazing Bollywood Actors like Shahrukh khan, Ajay Devgan, and Aamir Khan. In 1973, Shri Kapoor joined the National School of Drama, where he specialized in direction, winning the Best Director Award when he qualified for his diploma in 1976. He worked with NSD’s Repertory Company for a few years, directing plays such as Begum kaTakia and MukhyaMantri, and left the Repertory in 1979 in order to work independently.

During the guest lecture, Mr. Ranjeet Kapoor answered many questions asked by students, shared his views and opinions on modern cinema and the change came into the film and theatre industry over the last two decades. He also motivated the students to become a part of the cinema and Indian film industry as an actor, film director, writer, lyricist, etc. He explained closely where future employment opportunities can be found. He also discussed, what important are the things that an actor and director should keep in mind.


As the session was very helpful for the students. Students learned the technical details related to film and drama. Students questioned how to get employment opportunities in the fields of the Film Industry. Overall, the session is more informative and interesting for the students.

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Dr. Manish Jaisal  (Assistant professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)

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Prof. Anurag Trivedi (HOD, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)