Faculty of Life Sciences has organized an “Online Expert Lecture and Virtual Training on Real-Time PCR”

Department: Life Sciences Year/Semester: Students of B.Sc. Final Year and M.Sc. Final Year Biotechnology and Microbiology
Activity: Expert lecture and Virtual Training
Date and Duration: 27 November, 2020. 11:00 AM  to 01:30 PM
Title: Expert Lecture and Virtual Training on PCR and Real-Time PCR
Resource Person: Dr. Deepak Bharti, Director and Founder, Centre for Molecular Biology Research (CMBR), Bhopal

Brief description/ Remarks: 

Faculty of Life Sciences Mandsaur University, Mandsaur organized an Online Expert Lecture and Virtual Training on PCR and Real-Time PCR for the students of B.Sc. and M.Sc. Biotechnology/Microbiology final year. The resource person for the session was Dr. Deepak Bharti (PhD, PDF-IISER), Director of Centre For Molecular Biology and Research (CMBR), Bhopal. The session was started by a brief introduction and welcome of the Speaker.

In his lecture, Dr. Bharti explained the importance of  PCR and Real- Time PCR in current scenario as well as the principle and detailed working mechanism of the process “Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)” including role of Polymerase enzyme, gene amplification, primer selection and role of Real-Time PCR in COVID-19 diagnosis. At the end of the session a virtual training on Real-Time PCR was also provided by Dr. Bharti and all the queries raised by the students were very well resolved. The session was concluded with the vote of thanks. The overall event was Organized by Dr. Shekhar Jain Associate Professor and Head, Faculty of Life Sciences and coordinated by Ms. Heena Shah, Assistant professor, Faculty of Life Sciences, Mandsaur University.

Outcome:  Such activities provide external exposure to students and opportunity to interact with expert and also enhance their confidence. The students found the session very informative and knowledgeable.

No. of participants: 30

Prepared by: Ms. Heena Shah, Assistant Professor,  Faculty of Life Science, Mandsaur University

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Shekhar Jain