Department of Journalism & mass Communication had organized one day webinar on “Challenges in TV Journalism in age of social media”

Department: Journalism and Mass Communication


Students, Research Scholars, Academicians, and others.

Activity: Webinar
Date and Duration:18thJanuary 2021 (One Day)
Title: Challenges in TV Journalism in the age of social media

Resource person/ agency and affiliation:

Mr. Gyanendra Tiwari, Correspondent, ABP News

Brief description / remarks:

A well-functioning democracy requires free and diverse news media capable of keeping people informed, holding powerful actors to account, and enabling public discussion of public affairs. Today, these media environments are changing in part as a result of technological and market developments largely associated with the rise of digital media. Department of Journalism & mass Communication, Mandsaur university had organized one day webinar on Challenges in TV Journalism in age of social media” and to share his experience Mr Gyanendra Tiwari from ABP News was the key note speaker. Vice Chancellor Dr. Shailendra Sharma welcome the guest speaker, he said organizing such event has always helped our students.  We are happy that our students are getting knowledge from some experts. HOD Dr. Manish Jaisal thanked Gyanendra Tiwari for bringing out his time from his busy schedule as he was in Bastar for reporting one event. Mr. Gyanendra is having more than 12 years of experience in Journalism he has covered the stories of Sushant- rhea case to India-China dispute of Siachen Border. Mr. Gyanendra Tiwari explained how in today’s era where 70% of the population lies on social media for information. He in fact also added that within some time people will often use social media instead of electronic media. Now a day’s people are more rely on social media because most of the journalist goes live with their fb page for news. so, the chances of watching TV gets down and this is becoming a big challenge because television industries are facing loss due to less TRP of their channels. In the last part of the session students cleared their doubts by asking question. The whole program was very interactive as the students were actively participating in it. The whole program was organized by Assistant Professor Arun Jaiswal.


The program was organized to inform and educate the students of Journalism Department challenges being faced by Television in the era of social media.

  • News tools used in social media.
  • Role of authentic news source in social media platform.
  • Different style of content used in social media for news sharing.
  • Every channel is now having their own app so people can easily access to news as it don’t required to sit at on place and watch the news.

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A total of 390 + participants have registered for the program


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Ms. Sonali Singh (Assistant professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)

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Dr. Manish Jaisal (HOD& Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)