Nomination Form for Awards at Conference

  1. Category of Award: Education/Ethical Practices/Entrepreneurship/Empowerment
  2. Name of Institution/Organization:
  3. Address:
  4. Name of Trust/Group:
  5. Name of Chairman/Director:
  6. Contact Details (Mobile+Email):
  7. Details of Activities carried out:

Please provide details in separate sheets along with proof, photographs & testimonials, the significant accomplishments made/innovative practices carried out during 2016, on following lines:

Excellence in Education:

  • Innovations in pedagogy
  • Promotion of education in rural areas
  • Promotion of adult education
  • Personality development of students
  • Creating Awareness in ICT /Science & Technology

Excellence in Ethical Practices:

  • Promotion of values & ethics at workplace
  • Compliance of all Rules & Laws
  • Steps for Work-Life Balance for employees, especially women
  • Steps for Safety & Health of employees

Excellence in Entrepreneurship:

  • New inventions & innovations in products or processes or services
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship among women & rural people

Excellence in Empowerment:

  • Steps taken for social, economic, political, intellectual empowerment
  • Implementation of policies & schemes for empowerment
  • Contributions made as NGO