The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has organized a National webinar on “Applications of Microwave”




(Student, academicians, and industry persons)


National Level Webinar

Date and Duration:

18/07/2020 (1hour 21 minutes)

Title:  Applications of Microwave

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Prof. OPN Calla, Director, International Centre for Radio Science, Jodhpur.

Ex. Scientist ‘H’ and Deputy Director, ISRO- Space Application Center, Ahmedabad.

A National level online webinar is organized by the department of EEE on “Applications of Microwave” for the student, academicians, and industry persons. The webinar was about the applications of Microwave in Satellites and Robotics. Prof. Calla explained the parts of Electromagnetic Spectrum, Microwave Remote Sensing, applications of Radio Waves, Radar Altimeter, Side-Looking Airborne Radar and detection of Water using Radar Data etc.

Registration: Total 2041 registration were done from India and also few were from other country which is Nepal, Philippines, Nigeria, Peru, Ethiopia, United States and Oman.


Outcome :
This webinar exposes students/academicians to explore their knowledge in field of Microwave. Many types, part and working of satellites on the basis of microwave remote sensing were explained by the speaker.
The Webinar has broadcasted by live streaming on the official Facebook page of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mandsaur University.
Total 258 likes, 519 comments, and 8 shares recorded when the session was live.

No. of participants: Webinar was on Facebook (live streaming)
Maximum live participants recorded: 237
People Reached: 1900
Engagement: 418

Prepared by: Mr. Virendra Singh Solanki

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