Miniature and Pichwai Painting at Nathdwara

Miniature and Pichwai Painting at Nathdwara

Department of Fashion Design successfully conducted the Workshop visit for “Miniature Art and Pichwai Paintings” by “The Artist of Nathdwara” organization under the guidance of national and international painter Mr. Girish P. Sharma from 15 February 2018 to 18 February 2018 at Nathdwara, Rajasthan.

The workshop was attended by the students of I and II year of Fashion Design Department with two faculty members Prof. Mani Butwall and Prof. Divya Dhakad.

 “The Artist of Nathdwara” organization is a group of 23 painters and each one has their own style and creativity in art. They were also invited in exhibition held at “The Art Institute of Chicago” Chicago, United states in 2014. They have also worked for Reliance Foundation.

Day 1:-

  • Session regarding painting techniques of Nathdwara by different artist
  • Difference between miniature and Pichwai paintings
  • Materials (type of brushes, colors, clothes) used for painting
  • Discussed motifs for both Miniature and Pichwai for every student

Day 2:-

  • Student drew and painted the selected motif of miniature painting art
  • Learned shading and color combinations
  • Highlighting features of creations

Day 3:-

  • Students learned the process of Pichwai paintings
  • Closing ceremony by presenting token of love and respect to the Artist of Nathdwara

Fashion Designers are bringing attention and life to cultural traditions. Using traditional clothing in modern design also helps traditional art forms continue. The visit taught students, how to bring traditional art in their styling and designing which will also play an important role in showcasing Indian cultures to the world.