Dr. Haider Hussain

Dr. Haider Hussain

Assistant Professor

Name : Dr. Haider Hussain

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.E , M.E., Ph.D

Area of Interest: Production Engineering, CAD, Advance Manufacturing

Work Experience: 10 Yrs. 4 Mnts.

Email Id: haider.hussain@mandsauruniversity.edu.in

Publication (International /National) :

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Conferences (International /National):

  1. Hussain H., Mathure P., Minimization of slug inclusion and end crater in arc welding through optimum parameters, FRIT Vashi Navi Mumbai,National conference proceeding NCNTE,PP 10-13, February,25-26, 2010.
  2. Hussain H., Mathure P., Analysis of arc welding through experiment and FEM for optimum parameters, University Polytechnic, Aligarh Muslim University, National conference proceeding NCAME,PP 45-50, November 27-28,2010.
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  7. Gupta A., Khan Khizar, Hussain H., “Design & Fabrication of Dynamic Vibration Absorber with Damper”, National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering, MIT, Mandsaur, 26 – 27 Nov. 2012.

Awards: MHRD Scholarship through GATE 2007 for ME (2007-2009) at SGSITS Indore.