Mechxibit-2021 a technical exhibition was organized by the department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechxibit-2021 a technical exhibition was organized by the department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

By the students of Mechanical Engineering Department
Activity: Mechxibit-2021 ( A Technical Exhibition )
Date and Duration: 03rd April 2021                           Duration:-Whole day
Title: Mechxibit-2021
Resource person/agency and affiliation: Departmental Faculty

Description: Mechxibit-2021 a technical exhibition was organized by the department of Mechanical Engineering near controller of examinations building (New) on 3rd April 2021. The objective of organizing this exhibition was to provide a platform and unleash the potential of the students by showcasing their innovative projects developed hands-on. Across all the semester of the Department, the students participated very enthusiastically in large numbers. This has given an excellent learning experience to both the Undergraduate and Diploma students of the Department.

The Exhibition was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the University Dr. Shailendra Sharma along with the other senior faculty members. On this occasion Dr.Sharma told that these types of platforms will enhance the creative thinking of the students and enhance their employability skills. He also told that during last month the same type of exhibitions were organized by the other Engineering Departments.

Head of the Department Dr Ravi Kumar told that the students have been working very hard and smart since a month and came out with twenty innovative designs. He told that this time the theme of the exhibition is Conservation of Energy. He also told that along with the creative thinking Mechxibit will enhance the

entrepreneur skills among the students and make them job creators. All the faculty of the department was innovolved in guiding and mentoring the students to make this a successful show. First three best innovative projects were given away with prizes.


  1. Mechxibit-2021 has provided the students with a large platform to showcase their talents and present the same to their colleagues and
  2. The students learnt to apply the knowledge and information gained through various sources in the fundamental subject of Mechanical Engineering and were able to create working models. Desert cooler and sand blasting machine, are few examples in this
  3. It has given and exposure to the needs of the society and the present trends in the technological
  4. In the process of preparing and exhibiting the models, the students underwent a creative thinking .This has develops the technical approach towards any given problem and started analyzing the hidden facts, working, and procedure of the
  5. The students have learnt to work in the groups and learnt from their peers each other’s views. They also realized the value and power of working together in a group.
  6. The models presented in Mechxibit-2021 are preserved for future reference. In the years to come these models can be modified further for better applications.

No. of participants: Department Students

Prepared by:  Dr Ravi Kumar Sangewar

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Ravi Kumar