“At Mandsaur University, diversity is integral to excellence. We value and honor diverse experiences and perspectives, strive to create welcoming and respectful learning environments, and promote access, opportunity and justice for all.”

The Campus Activities facilitates interaction among students of MU University by promoting and supporting a wide range of programs that contribute to the intellectual, cultural and social well-being of our campus. We foster relationship building by supporting activities planned by faculty, staff and students, who are from different backgrounds, interests and experiences. These events provide engagement outside of the classroom and further enhance a vibrant and inclusive community where students thrive while reaching their goals
and their highest potential.
Celebrations in MU, is equally diverse and multifaceted as compared to its multi-cultural population. This multi-lingual abode is known for its frequent indulgence in celebrations. As the university is known as a independent society, you will always find some section of the students and faculties celebrating the spirit of festivity. At whatever you come, you are sure to witness one or two celebrations taking place at different parts of the university. This fun loving country never prefers to compromise their celebrations in exchange of anything. Celebrations in India are generally categorized by reasons to be happy and getting energized.