National Workshop On “Open Source software – KOHA Training & Certification” on 27-28 May 2017

National Workshop On “Open Source software – KOHA Training & Certification” on 27-28 May 2017


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Workshop Contents

  • Case Studies on KOHA
  • Instillation of Ubuntu 15.04
  • Installation of KOHA 3.22 the current stable version
  • Configuration of KOHA and customization of interface
  • Data pre-processing, Marc Edit
  • Importing data into KOHA
  • Bulk Patron Data/Image importing
  • Introduction to all modules of KOHA
  • Administration
  • Acquisition
  • Authority Management
  • Cataloguing
  • Circulation
  • Tools
  • Patrons
  • Advanced Search
  • Customized Reports
  • Serials etc
  • Configuring Crontab
  • Basic SQL Commands
  • KOHA Communities.

Objective of the Workshop

  • To introduce open source Integrated Library Software.
  • Make participant self-reliant with the respect installation, Configuration and running KOHA with Confidence

About the Workshop

KOHA is the world’s first free open source ILS Software. It is fully featured scalable library integrated software. It is used worldwide by public, Academic & Special Libraries. It is web based with a SQL database preferably MySql as Back end. Perl is used for front end. Cataloguing data is stored in MARC 21 format. It is accessible via Z39.50.

Dr.  M.P. Singh

Associate Professor & Head – Department of Library Science,

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedker University,

Lucknow (U.P.)


Contact: 09415951864

Dr. Prabhat Pandey

Librarian & Head

Department of Library & Information Science

Sarojni Naidu Govt. Girls PG Autonomous College

Shivaji Nagar Bhopal (M.P.)

E-mail :

Mobile : 09893450234

Phone : 0755-2763311.

Dr.  Sandeep Pathak,IISER,Bhopal

Dr.  Sunil Chandel,M.P Social Science Research Center,Ujjain

Dr.  Deepak Meena,Central University,Rajasthan.

Mr. Shyam Bihari Gupta, Patent office , Delhi

Dr. Pooran Mal Gupta GLA University,Mathura

Dr. Ajay Tiwari,  O P Jindal University,Delhi

Mr. Santosh Kumar, IIT Roorkee

Chief Advisor

Prof. D.K. Patnaik,

Vice Chancellor,Mandsaur University


Dr. Ashwani Yadav,

Asst. Professor & Head – Department of Library Science


Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta, Librarian – Central Library

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Lokeshver Singh Jodhana, Associate Professor & Head

National Advisory Committee

Dr Prabhat Pandey

Dr.Sandeep Pathak

Dr.Sunil Chandel

Dr.Deepak Meena

Dr.Pooran Mal Gupta


Technical Committee

Mr. Narendra Patidar

Mr. Mukesh Dhakad

Mr. Jeevan Pawar

Mr. Sunil Khokhar

Mrs. Preeti Rathore

Mr. Rahul Soni

Registration Committee

Dr. Kratika Daniel

Mrs. Abha Gupata

Mrs. Sunita Yadav

Mrs Neelam Solanki

Hospitality Committee

Mr. Asharam Pal

Mr. Raju Chauhan

Ms. Monam Tripathi

Mr. Deepak Kshotriya

Media and Publicity

Dr. Yashwant K. Panwar

Ms. Anuja Surana



8.00 to 8.30 Hrs         Registration

09.30 to 10.00 Hrs     Inaugural Session

10.00 to 10.30 Hrs     Welcome Address

10.30 to 10.45 Hrs     Tea break

10.45 to 01.00 Hrs     Technical Session I

01.00 to 01.30 Hrs     Lunch

01.30 to 03.00 Hrs     Technical Session II

03.30 to 03.15 Hrs     Tea break

03.15 to 03.45 Hrs     Technical Session III

03.45 to 04.30 Hrs     Open Discussion


9.30 to 01.00 Hrs         Technical Session I

01.00 to 01.30 Hrs      Lunch

1.30 to 03.00 Hrs        Technical Session II

03.00 to 3.15 Hrs        Tea break

3.15 to 04.30 Hrs        Technical Session III

  04.30 to 04.45 Hrs     Open Discussion

04.45  to 05.0 Hrs     Certificate Distribution.



For more information :

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta
Dr Ashwani Yadav

How to reach Mandsaur