JAVA Programming Lab

JAVA Programming Lab

JAVA PROGRAMMING LAB:The JAVA Programming  laboratory provides the BCA  students setup to project work and experiment in Advances in Algorithms and Real Time Operating system. The laboratory is also used for project presentation and seminar of P.G students. The laboratory is equipped with following tools and operating systems.

                                       JAVA PROGRAMMING LAB

Name of Equipment/Brief


Quantity Remarks
1 Multimedia Computer System(with latest specifications) 9

PC Specifications to be followed:

Processor: Core 2 Due., 2.0 GHz OR Dual Core

RAM:1.5GB Or better


Monitor: Color TFT

OS: Genuine Windows 7

Professional OR Windows 7

Ultimate(Liecence Version)


2 24 Port Switch 2
3 LCD Projector 1
SOFTWARES:As per semester requirements for every semester,we install softwares.
1 JDK 5.0 1
2 Turbo C and C++ Compiler(latest version) 1
3 Microsoft Oracle Virtual Box(Virtualization) 1
4 Redhat Linux 1
5 Visual Basic 6.0 1
6 Ms office 2007 Professional or Latest version 1

At 30Mbps and 8Mbps back up line internet facility should be there in Labs.