Interaction & Awareness

Interaction & Awareness

Research shows that parents involvement can improve students behavior, attendance, and achievement. But how can University foster high-quality, successful parent involvement? The Center for Comprehensive University Reform and Improvement offers some research-based advice and resources for help. Parents involvement continues to challenge practitioners engaged in University reform despite being a required component of many college improvement initiatives-from Programs to federally mandated University improvement plans. The benefits of parents involvement are clear. A growing children of research shows that successful parents involvement improves not only student behavior and attendance but also positively affects student achievement. Yet many colleges continue to struggle with defining and measuring meaningful parental involvement, and many don’t feel that their efforts are successful.

Parenting: Helping families establish home environments to support children as learners.

Communications: The use of effective forms for college-to-home- and home-to-college communications. 

Volunteering: The recruitment and organization of the university volunteer program Learning.

Home: Helping families assist their children with work and recognizing other learning at home opportunities. 

Decision making: Including parents, students, and community members in the university decision making process. 

Collaborating with the Community: The identification and integration of resources and services from the community.