Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit

Department of Civil Engineering organized a site visit on 11/09/2019 for the students of Diploma and B. Tech Civil Engineering. This site visit has been conducted to explore the actual working condition of site. In this visit the details of reinforcement used in the beam, column and slab are explained to the students by physical inspection. The main purpose of this visit was to connect the theoretical knowledge of the students to the practical situations. In this semester the R.C.C. subject is the part of their curriculum and the students are designing the beams, slabs, and column, so that to understand the reinforcement details which they designed in the class, this site visit was planned.

Outcomes of the visit:

1.     The students understood the details of R.C.C. beam, column and slab.

2.     Students able to compare the classroom design of beam to the actual beam.

3.     Students understood the anchorage of reinforcement.

4.     Students understood the legged stirrups, where to provide and understood the concept of stirrups spacing.

5.     Bent up bars used in the slab and extra bars used in the beams.

6.     Able to understand the site execution as per the drawing.

7.     The students understood about the sunk slab etc.

8.     Students saw the compaction of concrete by needle vibrator.

9.     Students saw the lifting operation of the concrete.