Handicraft Workshop

Handicraft Workshop

Event : Handicraft Workshop

Date of event :- 19/02/15

Time:- 3:00 PM

Venue:- DH-02

Number of Participants:- approx 40

Student Coordinator: 1. Ms. Shubhi Yajurvedi

  1. Ms. Sonam Gupta

Faculty Coordinator: 1. Mrs. Smriti Smart

  1. Ms. Mani Butwall

3.Ms. Pratibha Choubey

We have invited Mrs. Rimpy Chabbra a leading lady in field of art and craft with relatively more than 15 years of experience. In this workshop she helped and demonstrated students making of colorful flowers with simple usage of colored paper. She also demonstrated clay work art with envelop decoration by quilting, bouquet making etc.

Students altogether enjoyed the workshop.