GST and Indian Economy Session at Govt. College, Pratapgarh(Raj.)

GST and Indian Economy Session at Govt. College, Pratapgarh(Raj.)

Two faculty members from Department of Business Management & Commerce, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma & Prof. Ruben Shah Assistant Professor, deputed for taking the session on “GST and Indian Economy” at Govt. College Pratapgarh(Raj.)  on 12th December 2017.

In compliance of this Dr. Mukesh and Mr. Ruben went to pratapgarh at 11.o’ clock and took the session on GST and Indian Economy. The participants were around 70, and all were graduates students. The deliberations during the session were made in an interactive and participatory approach. During the session the students and teachers raised various questions and queries regarding the present scenario of GST. The session was divided into two parts.

First part was taken by Dr. Mukesh Sharma covered historical background and concepts regarding GST in Indian context, which further also, added the various types of transactions and rationale of GST in Indian Economy.

Second part was taken by Prof. Ruben highlighted the personality development aspects and encouraged towards MBA.

In the end there was an open session for the participants on the positive and negative impact of GST. The participants took very keen interest and raised various questions only issues and further foreseen and unforeseen results, how GST can have the bearing impact on the economy as a whole covering various sections of the society.

The session was a fruitful and successful one for the participants.