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Nothing changes so fast as fashion. To keep pace with the international trends in apparel and fashion and our competitors, we use all of our resources and our ingenuity and strive towards adapting to these changes and keep abreast with the industrial practices that are in vogue. This is achieved by the optimal utilization of the host of laboratories related to textiles and apparel that the department is always proud to talk about.

  • Pattern Making and Grading Lab

In this lab, the student learns how she/he can independently create patterns for different kinds of garments in common use. It provides the students with hands-on experience while nurturing their creativity for fashion designing. A bevy of beautiful mannequins and dress forms provide physical form and shape to the creations. Facilities in the lab includes

  1. Pattern Making tables
  2. Dress forms
  3. Mannequins
  • Garment Construction Lab

The garment construction skills of the student are developed and honed to industry standards in this lab. The lab is equipped with the best brand of industry-grade stitching and special machinery. The student is allotted extensive machine hours so that she/he develops confidence and expertise in the operation of all of the machines. In this lab, the student is provided with a comprehensive practical knowledge of the mechanisms by which garment machinery work. She/he is exposed to industry simulated situations wherein she/he is involved in  trouble shooting machinery faults, defective stitching.  Systems for routine and regular maintenance  of the machinery constitute a vital part of the learning activity.

  1. Fusing machine
  2. Steam Iron
  • Dyeing and Printing Lab

This lab provides the student with the skills of adding aesthetic value to textile material and develops her/his colour sense. The equipments installed in the lab are the best available and cover the range of chemical finishing lab processes such as scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing, etc. The student is provided with hands-on practice in all of the chemical processes right from fibre identification up to textile finishing.

  • Computer-Aided Design Lab

The computer centre in MU is equipped with latest software and hardware which are part of the curriculum offered through different programs. The software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Fashion Studio are being taught which helps students to create and apply their ideas.