Faculty of Physical Education

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Promotion of sports is one of the major concerns of our modern society. Excellence in sports is possible on the sound foundation of ‘physical education’ and ‘movement education’.

In the contemporary scenario, success in physical education and sports depends upon the quality of leaders who are well prepared through formal and informal acquisitions of multidimensional knowledge, training in the specialized discipline and its effective transaction.

Having realized the challenges of the 21 st century, the Mandsaur University felt a genuine need of setting up a most modern and well equipped Physical Education department with a firm commitment to produce innovative sports leaders, managers and administrators who will be proactive in facing health and fitness

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challenges with a mix of modern and traditional methods and approaches.

The university has well qualified committed and competent teacher educators to shape the personalities of teacher trainees into successful professionals. Experts from various fields of physical education and visiting faculty are invited on a regular basis for enrichment lectures and intellectual guidance to the trainees.

The university goes beyond the prescribed curriculum to ensure all round development of the teacher trainees. Many value additions are provided to them like enhancing personal behavioural, skills, leadership/military training camp, language proficiency classes, yoga/meditation for all etc. The department takes pride in excellent placement records.