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The School of Basic Medical Sciences consists of various courses, medical school that offers the problem-based learning system. This modality of learning requires student interaction in small groups, supplemented by didactic lectures. The Faculty of Medical Sciences offers a choice of research-based, postgraduate degrees in the schools of medicine and veterinary medicine, which will allow interested graduates to pursue research work in areas of interest in anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology and public health.
Faculty and instructors in the Department of Medical Sciences are strongly committed to teaching, research, and service. The Faculty of Medical Sciences is committed to the development of excellence in dental, medical and veterinary health research. While our research priorities are determined by local and regional needs, our perspective will remain international through the development of productive, research collaborations with renowned research institutions across the world. In so doing, the Faculty of Medical Sciences will bring developed, world technology to solve regional, health problems, as defined by regional governments and agencies.
The School has access to State-of- the art research infrastructural facilities of the Schools and Centers of the University. The School of Medical Sciences has several Adjunct, Joint and Visiting Faculty from the University and other Institutes who actively participate in the multi-disciplinary teaching and research programs.

The spectacular advancements in the realm of medical science &technology that our globe has witnessed in the recent decades have been largely possible because of a marriage between medicine &technology. Millions of people all over the globe have been able to enhance their quality of life, yet billions more are still waiting to enjoy the fruits of this revolution.

Our mission is to provide a platform of interdisciplinary teaching and research in the field of medical science &technology, which can lead to a better integrated healthcare delivery system.
Innovations in Technology have led to spectacular advancements in medicine. To meet the challenges posed by medicine in the 21st century, the country needs a new breed of medical professionals who can fuse together medicinal science with technology and can bridge the two disciplines.

Our vision is to have a medical academic institute with a multi-specialty research centre at its core with the motto of education and collaboration for biomedical research and development alongside treatment and healthcare delivery to the patients.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]