Faculty of Library & Information Sciences

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Faculty of Library & Information Sciences provides master’s degrees in both library science and information science, not to mention an unmatched array of, unique specializations (tracks), and certificates. Whether your interest is in rare books or data science, archives or digital libraries, public or academic libraries, organizational and social informatics or information architecture, text mining or information visualization, this is the place for you.

The Department of Information and Library Science is committed to excellence and innovation in the education of librarians and other information professionals, the creation of knowledge and service in a diverse and changing global information environment.

To accomplish this mission the department’s goals are:

  • To prepare socially responsible graduates for fulfilling careers characterized by ethical practice, professional values, analytical skill, leadership and lifelong learning.

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  • To contribute knowledge and advance theory by working from cognitive, social, behavioral, cultural, and technological perspectives; fostering inter-disciplinary collaboration and cultivating an appreciation for the role of information in society.
  • To serve our students our state and local constituencies, society and the library and information science profession.
  • To model a climate of intellectual engagement, openness, integrity and respect within the school.

We have been able to make a visible impact in Library & Information Sciences education in India through our accomplishments in terms of our programmes and activities- particularly our curriculum innovations, research projects, short-term training programmes, seminars and conferences.