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Mandsaur University long tradition of fostering international understanding is particularly embodied in the teaching and learning of other languages and cultures offered by the Faculty of Languages.

The MU intercultural curriculum is designed to educate students in a well-developed program of studies, to evaluate ideas and values from a humanistic and a theoretical/critical perspective. Along with the in-depth study of the culture and literature of other lands and times, language studies are integrated with the various fields of linguistics. Thus, understanding language in all its forms, styles, and uses ultimately leads to successful cross-cultural communication and more authentic relationships among peoples. The aim is to produce graduates who are sensitive to the needs of the world community, open to exploring new ways to improve life, and ready to approach problems with an intercultural perspective.

The knowledge acquired in this transformative process has an intrinsic value to the university and its students. As such, we have a four-fold mission:

  • To conduct research at the graduate and faculty level in the languages, literatures and cultures of the world, including linguistic and media studies, and communicate original results that relate these domains.
  • To facilitate the study of languages, literatures and cultures at the undergraduate level in such a way that students actively engage with this field of knowledge.
  • To connect  international perspectives on academic endeavors in the humanities, and to maintain an international voice and presence.
  • To promote the integrity of our component academic fields and to support the vitality of each of the programs housed in the department.

The MU offers a full academic program in foreign languages, culture and literature studies, as well as in linguistics, this department endorses the premise that to learn another language is to step into another world. By cultivating the potential inherent in combining both national and international approaches in a single entity, the department faculty an inclusive and interdisciplinary that develops innovative models, both theoretical and pragmatic, for the study of languages, literatures, and the various media that comprise our understanding of culture.