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Communication is the most important part of our life.  Journalism and Mass communication is an exclusive way of disseminating the information and messages to the masses through different mediums such as Newspaper, Radio, Television and Internet. While journalism deals with the process of how the news related content is being produced, Mass communication is the system of diffusing the messages to the population. As the industry grows older and wiser the need for young & dynamic communicators and journalists becomes infinite.

The Department of Journalism and Mass communication at Mandsaur University aim is to develop and successfully graduate students, who have the required qualities for a global and national communication environment; students who can comfortably use the new technologies available individually or cooperatively in a creative manner; students who execute their industrial knowledge as critical thinkers with ethical and social responsibility. Its uniquely designed courses and exclusive pedagogy are perfectly blended with the varied areas as per the industry’s growing demand.

The department is comprised of a multinational mix of academics and students, providing the students with a unique environment of multiculturalism and multilingualism.


  • UGC  based model Curriculum.
  • Yearly Updating of syllabus
  • Modern Infrastructure. (Print Media lab, TV/ Radio Studio)
  • Qualitative & Outcome based learning
  • Field / Industrial Visits
  • Open platform for students
  • Project work / Assignments
  • Focus on Practical Training.
  • Campus Placement
  • Opportunities to showcase the talents through exhibitions and other media events.
  • Well qualified faculty members with Field / Academic experience.




Media Consultant

Program producer

INR 6.43 Lakhs

INR 6.50 Lakhs


Cameraman / Cinematographer

INR 3.60 Lakhs

INR 4.80 Lakhs

Content Marketing Manager

Copy Writer

INR 7.5 Lakhs

INR 3.60 Lakhs

Public Relations Specialist

Social Media Manager

INR 5.60 Lakhs

INR 3.52 Lakhs

News Analyst


INR 6.86 Lakhs

INR 3.5 Lakhs