Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce has organized an International Webinar on “Innovation and Public Policy”


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International Webinar

Date and Duration:

04 May, 2021 (02:30 PM)


Innovation and Public Policy (Online)

Resource Person:   Dr. Maria Jose Sousa (Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Policy, Researcher: Business Research Unit, ISCTE University of Lisbon)
Brief description / remarks:

Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce organized an international webinar entitled “Innovation and Public Policy” on May 04, 2021at 2:30 pm. In this webinar the key note speaker was Dr. Maria Jose Sousa from ISCTE University of Lisbon. She is having research experience in public policies, innovation, information and data science, knowledge management and intellectual capital. Webinar was conducted on google meet platform and live telecast on youtube. Dr. Gopal Krishna Rathore initiates the webinar with the welcome of guest. Dr. Sousa highlighted various key issues related to innovation in organizations, core business competencies, innovation models, government initiatives towards innovation in organizations. The webinar ends with the vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Avinash Vikram. The whole session was appreciated by the participants. Participants were belongs to various states of India and few were of them from outside the country.



Outcome :
  • Participants gained knowledge about core business competencies.
  • Learn about role and importance of innovation in organizations.
  • Learn about the role of public policies in organizations.

No. of participants: 175 / 358

Prepared by :

Dr. Gopal K Rathore, Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Prof. Avinash Vikram