The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is a vibrant academic community both in terms of teaching and research. It aims to impart knowledge of society, polity, economy, history, interior design, fashion design and music to its students to enable them to understand theoretical and practical dimensions of these areas of study. The focus on in-depth research on societal problems, which also get translated into our Postgraduate programmes as courses for study, the faculty also chalks out new strategies to find solutions to these problems. The faculty lays special emphasis on continuous interaction between the faculty and scholars engaged in research at institutions in different parts of the country. To upgrade and enhance existing knowledge and to evolve in-depth understanding of new horizons in the discipline, the faculty regularly organizes seminars, conferences, symposia, workshops and special lectures.

At MU students learn to view ideas with historical perspective, test them for viability, understand them from a global vantage point, talk and write about them with insight. In fact it is the common denominator of a MU student’s education, providing a foundation of

knowledge that enhances life-long learning in every field.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences sees design as a cultural system that deals with all aspects of human evolution, the production of culture as well as unfolding of human imagination. Design is thus seen as an integrating force bringing together several streams of knowledge. The Faculty therefore adopts an interdisciplinary approach towards education in order to meet the cultural needs of the individual as well as the society at large.

The designing in Art begins with a foundation year where the students are exposed to the multi-faceted world of the designer and the diverse skills that need to be developed for pursuing a career in design.

The Faculty offers an Under Graduate program in Interior Design, Fashion Design and a Post-Graduate program in Interior Architecture and Design. The Post-Graduate course also has collaboration with International Masters in Interior Architecture and Design.