Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

In terms of both teaching and research, this faculty contributes significantly to the development and evaluation of sustainable production techniques in agricultural and nutrition sciences as well as to the preservation of rural areas and animal welfare, consumer and environmental protection. Its primary research focuses on the on-going development of theories and methods of agricultural and life sciences. The aim of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences is to conduct research on plant production in agriculture and horticulture, animal production and technologies pertaining to them, as well as to provide the highest level education and wield societal influence based on the research.

The faculty is concerned with basic strategic and application-oriented experimental research and innovation. The main focus of the study is to impart extensive expert knowledge, which is an essential pre-requisite of sustainable agriculture with regard to different agro-ecological and economical conditions. The general objective is the development of site-specific solutions with minimal use of non-renewable resources for the sustainable protection of the food basis of a rapidly expanding world population.

Agriculture is interdisciplinary by its definition, covering various scientific branches – from the ones based on biology and general science, to the ones with a more technical and economic approach.

These studies provide an easy connection among these branches giving extraordinary possibilities of a broader interdisciplinary approach to individual scientific problems. This cooperation will be continued by inter-institutional agreements in the future and it should contribute to a better collaboratively of these studies.

The principles of agricultural science are in an ecological system called Earth, to preserve environment to develop comprehensive scientific technologies and cultures based on the production of foods and biological materials and to contribute to the existence and welfare of mankind. Agricultural science is an integrated science based on the relationship between biological production, which is essential to human life and human society, consisting mainly of biological science, biological resources science, environmental science, life science and social science.

The agricultural sciences should be the combination of all the sciences related to foods, environment and our lives, which are important and indispensable for solving many problems we are now facing with. The mission of agricultural sciences is very important to solve food, life and environmental problems and thus for human survival and world peace.