Official Opening Ceremony of Mandsaur University

It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the Official Opening Ceremony of Mandsaur University in Mandsaur (M.P.).


March 20, 2016


March 20, 2016


Mandsaur University, Mandsaur   View map

It gives us immense Pleasure to inform all of you that our very own Mandsaur University is going to be launched on 20th March 2016 at Mandsaur. The objective of the University is to provide value-based education. The philosophy evolves with innovative and fundamental academic practices. Transforming the university into a knowledge enterprise through its focus on research and development, industrial consultancy and by establishing efficient and effective mechanisms for managing innovations.
University is truly a picture of modernization. University offers undergraduate and postgraduate full time. They specialize in fields like Management, Science, Engineering, Communication and Pharmacy. The Library of Mandsaur University is equipped with books, periodicals, national and international journals. Enhance opportunities for postgraduate education and research in areas of high relevance to nations science and technology capabilities.



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