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Kite Festival 25th January 2020


January 25, 2020


January 25, 2020


Mandsaur University, Mandsaur   View map

Mandsaur University is going to organize a “Kite Festival” on 25th January 2020.

Kite flying is a means of fun and entertainment and it also reflects our culture and traditions that has been carried forward since generations.Uttarayan, also known as the International Kite Festival, is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India. It takes place on Makar Sankranti every year, Makar Sankranti, or Maghi as it is commonly called, being the day that the sun transitions into Makara (Capricorn). It beckons the end of the month of the winter solstice and the beginning of longer days. One of the very few festivals in India that follows the solar cycle instead of the lunar cycle, Makar Sankranti and therefor Uttarayan, falls on the fourteenth of January every year. The festival welcomes everyone to take part, irrespective of their religion, gender or nationality.

Get ready for the most fun-filled event coming your way! All you have to do is pause your mundane, take time to just fly a kite.