Guest Talk by Shri Vijay Kumar Gupta

Guest Talk by Shri Vijay Kumar Gupta


April 29, 2016


April 29, 2016


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Guest Talk by Shri Vijay Kumar Gupta (Former Additional Director General of Foreign Trade) on April 29, 2016

Topic: International Business, Wining organizations, Current world trade policies, Start-ups etc.

Mandsaur University feels that skills and knowledge are the motivating force of the financial growth and community development of any country. They have become even more important given the increasing pace of globalization and technological changes provide both challenges that are taking place in the world.

Skill building can be viewed as a device to improve the efficacy and contribution of labor to overall production. It is an important ingredient to push the production possibility front line outward and to take growth rate of the economy to a higher route. Skill building could also be seen as an instrument to empower the individual and improve their social acceptance.

Mentor and Conceptualize by: Dr.Shalini Gupta (Honorable Vice Chancellor) Mandsaur University

Convener: Tapesh K Dubey

Timing: 09:30 AM

Venue: Mandsaur University


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