Educational Tour

Educational Tour

An educational tour was carried out by “Department of Agriculture” of Mandsaur University, on 11th December, 2016 especially for first semester students.

The main objective behind this visit was to make student aware about various agriculture activities carried out in the field along with necessary machinery used in various agriculture activities.

For this enthusiastic tour students were taken to “Shri Bharat Electric Work’s” which is located at village “Buda” of district Mandsaur.

In this visit students got an exposure of various agriculture machinery like “tractor drawn cultivator”, “reversible plough”, “tractor operated seed drill” etc. Students also visited agriculture field for identification of various crops like “Wheat”, “Gram” and “Mustard”.

Dr. R. A. Sharma (Director, Agriculture) and Mr. Amit Kapoor (HOD of Life Science & Biotechnology) were also shared their valuable knowledge with students.

Faculty of agriculture department clarifies various queries of student regarding tillage implements and other technical concept related to agriculture.