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Pharmacognosy is the very old discipline and still having expansion potential among a variety of branches of pharmacy. The subject is mainly concerned with the study of drugs obtained from the natural sources like plant, animals, minerals, marine  and microorganism, provides information about the principles and procedures used in the identification, authentication, extraction, isolation of active constituents by chromatography techniques, purification and development of herbal formulations and assay methods for the isolated constituents. The drug museum in the Dept is having sufficient number of crude drugs. The Dept is also aimed in the production of medicinal plants by tissue culture techniques.


  • Provide excellence in education & research in the disciplines of herbal drugs and natural products.
  • Phytopharmaceuticals extraction, isolation and structural elucidation of various natural drugs.
  • Evaluation of pharmacological potential in natural herbs.
  • Search for new leads for drug development.
  • Serve as a consultation center for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Broad research area

  • Studies on macroscopic and microscopic diagnostic features along with Chromatographic & chemo-profiling.
  • Development and standardization of Herbal formulation.
  • Pharmacological studies to ascertain efficacy off herbal extracts/formulations as per their ethno pharmacological claims .
  • Isolation of leads molecule Consultancy.