The Department of Mathematics at Mandsaur University, Mandsaur offers programs and courses that embodies the interdisciplinary and the multidisciplinary nature of the university. Its academic programs provide a solid base both for further studies as well as for careers in industry. There is a great demand for mathematicians in various sectors: investment banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, engineering consultancies, medical research, bioinformatics, software, computer security and defense. Well trained students are also sought by universities all over the world for their research programs.

The Department of Mathematics offered M.Sc. Mathematics (Mater of Science in Mathematics) two years course. The Department of Mathematics supports the Engineering, MCA and MBA departments by offering core and advance course in Mathematics at the undergraduate and Post graduate level in various semesters. A special feature is the integration of hands-on work and research into all our curricular. Other distinguishing characteristics are:

  • Accessibility to students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Emphasis on modern computing skills and project work featuring applications to real world problems.
  • Melting of the artificial barriers between pure and applied mathematics and other disciplines.
  • Exposure through seminars and online sessions to leading mathematicians, scientists and thinkers from India and abroad.

The Department has a vibrant research atmosphere backed up by excellent infrastructural facilities. The major areas of research are Graph theory, Special functions, Numerical analysis, Number theory, Fixed point theory, Fuzzy metric space etc.
In addition to teaching the faculty members of the department have to their credit the following achievements

  • Ph.D. Degree and M.phil. Degree in various fields.
  • Presented / published papers in International / National journals as well as International / National¬†Conferences.
  • Book publications with reputed International / National publisher.

The Department aims to make our students more competent and motivated with a strong mathematical background.