Department of Journalism & Mass Communication had organized two day national level workshop on Radio Drama/documentary & feature

Department: Journalism and Mass Communication


Students, Research Scholars, Academicians and others.

Activity: Online Workshop (Paid)
Date and Duration: 28th& 29th December 2020 (Two Day)
Title: Two-day workshop on Radio Drama, Documentary & Feature

Resource person/ agency and affiliation:

Mr. Kamal Sharma, All India Radio, Vividh Bharti, Mumbai

Brief description / Remarks:

Radio is an audio medium. In early days it was the only medium for entertainment and information. As it is an audio medium, an illiterate person can also access to radio and understand its language, but for reading newspaper people need to be literate.
To educate and to impart the knowledge among our students about radio basics Department of journalism & mass Communication of Mandsaur University had conducted Two-day workshop on Radio Drama, Radio feature & Documentary on 28-29th Dec 2020. to share his experience famous Radio Announcer Mr. Kamal Sharma from All India radio Mumbai was the keynote speaker and trainer.  Mr. Sharma had worked in Vivdh Bharti programs like ‘Binaca Geetmala’, ‘Hello Farmaish’ ‘Hindi Cinema Ke Naksatra’ etc. Vice Chancellor Dr. Shailendra Sharma had welcome the guest speaker. Dean Administration Colonel Anand Kumar wished everyone to learn from this workshop and given vote of thanks to Kamal Sharma sir for accepting our invitation of workshop.

On Day one, participants learned the difference between Radio feature and Radio Documentary. Mr. Kamal Sharma said,” heading plays an important role in radio, so we have to be very specific with heading to attract our listener”. As Radio is a blind medium, everything depends upon the content and voice modulation for effective radio program. On Day two, he explained about the Radio Drama. To understand clearly, he played some audio of his recorded program like “Bhartiya Cinema Ke Nakshatra Guru dutt” where he narrates the story of guru dutt’s life. As Radio Drama depends upon dialogue, music and sound effects to help the listener imagine the characters story. Voice modulation is very important in radio, in fact you can say the whole radio depend upon this only. Speaking in different style Mr. sharma holds participants attention and clear their doubts as well as for dialogue delivery in radio.

Talking about internet radio Mr. Sharma said internet radio has given the choice to access and listen the radio where the radio frequency can’t reach. Participants from Maharashtra, Odisha, Uttarakhand, U.P, Kerala, Chhatisgharh, Karnataka, Telangana, & Andhra Pradesh have joined this workshop. In last part of the session HOD Dr. Manish Jaisal thanked everyone for listening patiently and said we will continue our series of conducting webinar and workshop on different topics to enlighten our students as well other participants. The whole program was conducted by Assistant Professor Mr. Arun Jaiswal.


  • This two-day workshop clear students doubt on radio feature, documentary and drama. They learn how to write for radio and role of voice modulation in radio production.
  • Participates preparing a production of Radio Drama, Feature. And writing a script for Radio Documentary.

No. of Participants: –

A total of 60+ participants have registered for the program (Paid)
Some photos of the workshop are attached below.

Report Prepared by:

Ms. Sonali Singh (Assistant professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)

Verified and Submitted by:

Dr. Manish Jaisal (HOD& Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)