Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, had organized a Master Class on “Sports Journalism”

Department: Journalism and Mass Communication


1st, 2nd& 3rd /I, III & V  

(Only for BA-JMC)

Activity: Master Class on ‘Sports Journalism’
Date and Duration: 16/10/2020 (One Day)
Title:  One Day Master Class on  “Sports Journalism’

Resource person/ agency and affiliation:

Ms. Rajsi Swaroop,  Sports Anchor,  Etv Bharat

Brief description / remarks:

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication had organized ‘Master Class on Sports Journalism’. The total number of 13 department students has attended the program. The program was organized to make students aware of the scope, challenges and job opportunities in the field of Sports Journalism.

Ms. Rajsi Swaroop, Sports Anchor, Etv Bharat, Hyderabad, was the Guest speaker of this event, The Master Class program was started with introductory part by Assistant Professor Ms. Sonali Singh. Later, HOD Dr. Manish Jaisal welcomed the guest speaker. During her lecture Ms. Rajsi speaks about the opportunities in the field of Sports journalism. She asked the students to focus on college daily activities for better and effective performance. she also shared her personal experience among students how to be dedicated towards your goal and aim. She also mentioned that if you wanted to make your career in sports journalism then one has to be very keen and good observer to learn the basics and other important things. Working on self is first and foremost important thing so always read newspaper, work on your pronunciations because that too is very important part if you wanted to be an anchor. responding to one student question she said there is nothing like small and big town if you know the work process and you are good at it you will definitely be successful in your life.While sharing her one report on blind sports she said as a journalist its our prime duty to cover all the important and necessary news.Never be in the dilemma of Hindi and English choose the medium which you are in comfortable with it, because today’s era is moving towards regional language demand of different language in media houses is arising now.

Later, the Head of Department Dr. Manish gave information about the establishment of department, details of courses, academic calendar, and various activities of the department. Further, he explained in details about the huge opportunities in the field of Journalism & Mass Communication, and given information about some of the recently placed students. The whole program was organized by Ms. Sonali Singh, Assistant Professor, Journalism & Mass Comm. Dept Mandsaur University.

In the last part of the session, some of the participants asked questions to Ms. Rajsi, and she has given answers with examples. The session was helpful for those who want to be an Anchor, Reporter, copy writer or those who wanted to make his career in sports Journalism.


Interactive Session with such young and dynamic personality who is doing excellent in their field has always encouraged our students. Students who are thinking to make their career in sports Journalism had a fruitful and knowledge building session.

Main Outcome of this Session is:-

1) Student learned the basics of sports journalism.

2)  If one has to make his/her career in sports journalism must work on his pronunciation.

3)  Choose the medium which you are in comfortable as well as confident with it.

4)  Make Reading Newspaper in your daily habit for update.

No. of Participants: 13

Prepared by:

Ms. Sonali Singh (Assistant professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)

Verified and Submitted by:

Dr. Manish Jaisal (HOD & Assistant professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication)