Department of Journalism and Mass Communication has organized an ‘Online Induction Program’

Department: Journalism & Mass Communication


BA-JMC Sem- 1

Activity: Departmental Induction Program 2020-21
Date and Duration: 16/10/2020 11:00-12:15
Title: Induction Program for BAJMC Sem-1

Resource person/agency and affiliation:

Dr. Manish  Jaisal, Asst. Professor & Ms. Sonali Singh, Asst. Professor, JMC department.

Brief description/ Remarks:

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication has organized an Online Induction Program for the students of BA-JMC Sem-1on 16.10.2020 at 11:30am to 12:15pm via Google Meet. The total numbers of 03 new students have attended the program.

The program was started with small introduction of student and faculty and after that we explained about the course its challenges, scope, demand and job opportunity through Power point presentation. After briefing about the course Assistant Professor Ms. Sonali Singh Introduced the guest speaker Ms. Rajsi Swaroop Sports Anchor Etv Bharat Hyderabad. HOD Dr. Manish Jaisal welcomes the guest speaker. In this webinar Ms. Rajsi spoke about the opportunities in the field of journalism which one can have while pursuing this course. She asked the students to focus on college daily activities for better and effective performance.

Later, the Head of Department Dr. Manish gave information about the establishment of department, details of courses, academic calendar, various activities of the department and exam schemes. Further, he explained in details about the huge opportunities in the field of Journalism & Mass Communication, and given information about some of the recently placed students. The whole program was organized by Ms. Sonali Singh, Assistant Professor, Journalism & Mass Comm. Dept Mandsaur University.



  • New entrants got aware about the department, details of courses, academic calendar, and various activities of department, exam schemes, evaluation system, and job opportunities in the field of Journalism & Mass Communication.
  • Interaction with such dynamic personality motivates new entrants.

No. of participants: 03 Students

Prepared by: Ms. Sonali Singh,  Assistant Professor,  Journalism & Mass Comm.

Verified and Submitted by (HOD/HOI): Dr. Manish Jaisal, HOD &  Assistant Professor